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Satellite I.P.A. 4.9%

Now in cans! Luxembourg’s first I.P.A. transmits tropical fruit aromas and hoppy bitterness straight to your taste receptors, with a finish as clean and dry as outer space. Payload 4.9% – no static at all.

Satellite was home-brewed in Luxembourg through the summer of 2015 before going into commercial production in December 2015.

We brew Satellite to be an accessible, sessionable, well-balanced IPA which delivers a good burst of New World hop aroma and bitterness (it’s 60 IBUs), while keeping the alcohol reasonable so you can launch several Satellites in a sitting. And if you and two friends launch three at once you’ll achieve geo-synchronous bar coverage at 3000 metres per second – no other beer can say that.

Satellite I.P.A. is brewed at Brauerei Ourdaller in Heinerscheid (just north of Clervaux).

And thanks to our awesome mobile canning machine, Satellite I.P.A. is now available in 33cl cans!

Satellite I.P.A. Homebrew Recipe

O.G. 1.052
A.B.V. 4.9%
I.B.U. 60
E.B.C. 7

Mash pale ale and munich malt at 65c for 90 minutes. Boil 90 minutes, add Zeus hops at start, Cascade during, and Styrian Goldings at flame-out. US-05 yeast at 16c. Dry hop with Mosaic.

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Grand Brewing Luxembourg - Grand Beer from the Grand Duchy