Satellite IPA

Satellite I.P.A. 4.9%

Now in cans! Luxembourg’s first I.P.A. transmits tropical fruit aromas and hoppy bitterness straight to your taste receptors, with a finish as clean and dry as outer space. Payload 4.9% – no static at all.

Satellite was home-brewed in Luxembourg through the summer of 2015 before going into commercial production in December 2015.

We brew Satellite to be an accessible, sessionable, well-balanced IPA which delivers a good burst of New World hop aroma and bitterness (it’s 60 IBUs), while keeping the alcohol reasonable so you can launch several Satellites in a sitting. And if you and two friends launch three at once you’ll achieve geosynchronous bar coverage at 3000 metres per second – no other beer can say that.

And thanks to our awesome mobile canning machine, Satellite I.P.A. is now available in 33cl cans!

Satellite I.P.A. Homebrew Recipe

O.G. 1.052
A.B.V. 4.9%
I.B.U. 60
E.B.C. 7

Mash pale ale and munich malt at 65c for 90 minutes. Boil 90 minutes, add Zeus hops at start, Cascade during, and Styrian Goldings at flame-out. US-05 yeast at 16c. Dry hop with Mosaic.

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