Grand Beer from the Grand Duchy

Tipp Topp, Béier Am Grapp!

Grand Lager Export Strength


33cl cans available now!

Grand Brewing Luxembourg Collaboration Maibock


33cl cans available now!

Satellite IPA


33cl cans available now!

Red Bridge Amber Ale


On tap at Luxembourg’s best bars

Welcome, and thanks for supporting craft beer in Luxembourg!
Our mission is to make you say “Yep, I’ll have another one of those!”

We brew in the heart of Luxembourg City

(it’s beautiful)

Luxembourg Ville - Luxembourg City - Grand Brewing Luxembourg - Grand Beer from the Grand Duchy
Grand Brewing Luxembourg - Grand Beer from the Grand Duchy

We brew up in the north of the Grand Duchy too

(also beautiful, and very green.)

And we provide Europe’s
first mobile canning service

Available now! In Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, France, and Germany.

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You’ll find our beers on tap and in the fridge at Luxembourg’s best bars, nightclubs, venues, restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets; also in a surprising number of office buildings; at the European Parliament; at Rugby Club Luxembourg home games; and at various events, parties, and drinking clubs in the Grand Duchy.

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Grand Brewing Luxembourg