Grand Brewing Luxembourg Collaboration Maibock

Collaboration Maibock 7.1%

Springtime in Luxembourg is Maibock time! We teamed up with Daniel and the gang at Brasserie Millevertus in Belgium’s Province de Luxembourg to brew this classic, limited edition collaboration Maibock for release in late May 2018.

As far as we know, there’s been no local Maibock in Luxembourg for over a decade – not since the Redange brewery closed its doors.

But it’s the perfect beer for a Luxembourg spring! Lots of malt sweetness with a clean, grainy, slightly toasted character. Packing a 7.1% ABV punch, and light on both hop aroma & bitterness, it’s a bright, clear beer – thanks to a long, cool conditioning period – with a large, creamy, persistent head. Yum!

This limited edition, collaboration Maibock is available in 33cl cans by Grand Canning Luxembourg.

Limited Edition

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Collaboration Maibock Homebrew Recipe

O.G. 1.070
A.B.V. 7.1%
I.B.U. 27
E.B.C. 14

Mash pilsener, pale ale, munich, and seigel malt at 69c for 60 minutes. Boil 90 minutes, add Magnum hops at start, Cascade at 30 minutes, and Hallertauer at the end. S-23 yeast, condition at 10c for six weeks.

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