Red Bridge Amber Ale

Red Bridge Amber Ale 5.3%

Thirsty? Take the Red Bridge my friend. Red Bridge Amber Ale helps you cross that void between thirst and, uh, non-thirst, and delivers a smooth ride on the journey. Perfect for any thirst-making occasion.

Our Red Bridge Amber Ale was home-brewed in Luxembourg through the winter of 2014-15 before going into commercial production in May 2015.

Red Bridge is specifically designed to be a session beer – smooth, easy-drinking, with a subtle malt character and restrained bitterness. It’s the sort of beer which goes straight on down, and is suitable for anyone of legal drinking age.

Red Bridge is brewed at the Letzebuerger Stad Brewery in Luxembourg City.

Red Bridge Homebrew Recipe

O.G. 1.053
A.B.V. 5.3%
I.B.U. 34
E.B.C. 27

Mash pale ale, munich, carapils, caramunich, and wheat malt at 67c for 90 minutes. Boil 90 minutes, add Cascade hops at start, middle, and flame-out. S-04 yeast at 18c. No dry hops (unless you want to).

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